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Local Missions

Meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the people living in La Crosse County through partnerships with local ministries and organizations

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Helping children in our community maintain a healthy diet with easy-to-make meals

Bag Buddies

A non-denominational Christian school equipping students to live life on the EDGE

Educated – Driven
God Centered – Engaged

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Sewing Machine

Sewing projects for local hospitals and nursing homes, as well as for mission trip teams


Global Missions

Sharing the Good News through strategic evangelism and resources to increase global disciple-making efforts.


Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ by radio and the Internet, currently broadcasting in more than 15 languages on shortwave, AM and FM radio.

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Gospel Broadcasting Mission

Image by James Lee

Reaching generations in Uganda with the Gospel through disciple-making projects.

New Testament Churches of Christ in Uganda/

Mbale Mission Team

Dominican national pastors and workers striving reach their community with the saving message of Jesus Christ.

Image by Ben White

Christian Dominican Evangelical Mission

Planting and maintaining churches and Christian schools in the Dominican Republic

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